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About Our Natural Beauty Shop

At we are proud to offer organic and premium quality products with the natural ingredients that you know and want.

Welcome to our Natural Beauty Shop

About Our Natural Beauty Shop

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Caviar Extract Serum


Caviar Extract serum is the most innovative beauty products.   The caviar extract serum is effective serum with a great toning and firming power which enhances the regeneration and rejuvenating of the skin for a soft touch effect.


The Caviar extract serum deeply moisturizes and recuperates elasticity, luminosity and firmness. It is a powerful decontractor and filler for wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, musk rose, aloe, taurine, calcium, vitamins, essential amino acids, iodine and trace elements.

30 ml


  • Cosmetic product for external use
  • Free of mineral oils
  • Not tested on animals


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